Life Lately

Life is sure full of so many wonderful things isn't it?! A good friend posted last week-

"Life is this beautiful mix of celebrating unexpected, tear-worthy answers to prayers. . . then patient, daily dependence for tomorrow. I love how God is teaching more + more that gratitude takes what we have + makes it enough"  Yes. Amen. 

Here are a few photos from life lately. Photos that remind me that gratitude makes everything more than enough. So full, this heart!! 

            Front porch sitting has become a habit with this warmer weather! Reading the word, or just watching cars go by as clyde likes to do. 
No doubt about it, this is the cutest thing that will be in my laundry in the history of ever. The end. 
  My phone has more than its fair share of sleeping baby photos because I just simply can't resist. There is something so peaceful about watching your little person sleep.  
Bestest partners in crime.. 
Let me just say that every person needs a friend who makes you quinoa chocolate cake, and solves the worlds problems over coffee. I am forever grateful for such friends that provide a haven. A refreshment. Where we all can bring our junk to the table and no body cares- and just keeps loving you anyways. Heaven knows we need more of this today! 
 Walks are a big part of our daily ritual. Sunrise, afternoon, sunset. Just can't pick a favorite time! 
Little man turned a whole 5 months recently! Where has time gone. Everyday is so much sweeter thanks to his presence. 
Spring teased us for a few hours a few weekends ago and it was amazing. #truth 
Sunshiny living room vibes. 
Forever grateful for this man and his sacrificial love for his family. He never gives up, and shows me Christ's love daily. 
A big part of life lately has been preparing to sell our family farm. God is so very gracious to give us good + FULL life seasons. The farm has been one of such, and we will miss it with all our hearts. I think heaven is going to be a bit like that place. Or maybe it is just the feeling of HOME. Never have I experienced that kind of feeling in all the other houses we have grown up in. This one holds a lot of special. But, no doubt the next chapter shall be full of beauty and I simply cannot wait to see what God has in store!! 

When your parents are both from big families, you party a LOT as a little guy. He sure doesn't mind! 
For one birthday- it included a special bowling outing! 
Though this photo isn't of highest quality it is dear to my heart. Just 2 years ago, we took the same photo while bowling- now, we are married and have a son. Time flies. 

 There is something magical about watching your child discover things. Grass and dirt sure didn't disappoint, haha. 
Life is better with lemon almond cake and people you love to share it with. Trust me folks. 

 Being a mama is such a gift.

Happiest of Mondays. May your week be full of light! xo 


Of Homemade Baby Wipes

Today I am sharing my favorite recipe for homemade baby wipes! Growing up, my mama made these, and it has been fun to start making them for our little guy. Super easy too! 

To start, cut a roll of paper towels in half and place in adequate container ( my Tupperware ones work perfect but are like a billion years old... haha ) next, boil 2 cups water for ten minutes and let completely cool. • stir in 1 TBSP natural baby soap • 1 TBSP grape seed or almond oil • 2 drops lavender • 1 drop tea tree - mix well + pour over paper towels. Snap lid on tote and allow to soak for a bit before use! Simply remove cardboard tube before use and you are ready to go!!

I love to make these and know exactly what is going on my little ones sensitive skin. Not only do the essential oils add a good fragrance, they also have antibacterial + soothing properties that are great for baby's skin.   

And there you have it!! Chemical free babies wipes- that save a bit of money too! 

This month, I will be hosting an essential oils for kiddos + babies class online + in person!  
Would love to have you join us! Simply comment or contact me for more info. 

Happy Wednesday lovelies!! xo