life lately + links and loves

                         "Cause like bluebonnets in the spring we're only here for a little while

                                It's beautiful and bittersweet so make the most of every mile
                                  So pack light and love heavy give it all your heart and soul
                                                  So in the end you won't regret one thing
                        So hold ‘em tender and hold 'em tight, pray every morning day and night
                               God will help you raise them right and don't you blink, don't blink...
                                                    Life is like bluebonnets in the spring..." 

                                                          -Bluebonnets, Aaron Watson 

Oh, life. How quickly the days pass.  But oh how wonderfully full + blessed they are. Even the hard days, the long nights- I wouldn't trade them for the world. Lately, I've had to kick myself a lot, as it is so easy to want to live in the future. Be at the next thing- when we have our own house. More babies. Serving where God has laid on our hearts. HAVE COWS. 
For havens sake I just want cows. haha. 

But slap. God reminds me to slow down, enjoy. When I am old and gray, I will miss these apartment days. The beginning. It is all part of the story. Each season is like that, is it not?! 

So here's a little bit of life lately, because my heart wants to remember. 

Greenhouse browsing with a good friend was a total week maker lately!! 

Somebody turned 6 months old! Man, time flies. 
David's brother blessed us by grabbing a few family photos on mothers day. Oh my heart. 

 Babies in jammies fo-ever.  
 Front porching in the morning with my love is on the top of my list of favorites. 

 Dates with Daddy. Oh how we love this hardworking man. 

Garden season is in full swing! Even though we are planting a little less this year, it still is just as fun. 
 Sunday Church duds 
 Pasture beauties at the farm. 

 We now have a full blown eater on our hands! Like a typical boy- he loves food. And I mean love. help. 

My super sweet friend, Hannah  snapped some photos of Clyde and I while in Iowa the other day.. be still my heart. Now we need more walls in our house so I can print them all. #forreals  
Forever grateful for the memories. 

A few links + loves: 

-THIS song.. on repeat around here lately! 
-THESE delish cookies.. nuf' said 
-THIS article on adoption.. so good. 

Have a fabulous week! xo 


Adoption + the Gospel

This is such a powerful, powerful representation of what adoption really is- it is the gospel.  It wrecked me, and left me bawling. Adoption is very close to my husband and my hearts. Having witnessed first hand my parents obeying what God called them to and bringing home three children- one thing is clear-it is not easy.  Neither was Jesus sacrifice to save our lives-  But it is BEAUTIFUL. 

To learn more about lifelong for orphans- visit here.  

xo, Kayla