then there were five

Why hello blog world!! Im back. And with a really cute little person to share with you- our new baby!!

River Salem Kozelek made us a family of FIVE! 

He made his debut on June 4th, weighing a perfect little 7 pounds + was 20 inches long. 
His birth was an amazing experience- we were blessed to have another natural birth at our local birth center. God met us there that day.. and I look back on it with nothing but JOY. Bringing a life into this world is not easy.. but wow- what a gift to be a mama. 

Now, we have been busy soaking up all his newborn sweetness + keeping two one year olds busy!! 
Yes TWO one year olds!! We are over the moon excited to be working on the final stages of adopting a sweet baby girl. Things happened VERY quickly, a complete God story. 
One day I may write a bit about it. ;) 

This summer I am determined to pick up blogging more- not only a few photo sessions, but family life, recipes, and more! (In between nursing, changing diapers, and cleaning highchairs, haha ) 

Thank you to all who have shown our family so much love during this sweet, busy season. 
We are forever grateful!! 

Here's to being back soon ;) 

be blessed!! xoxo Kayla